Feng Shui & Health Coaching - Rochester MN

Christy Olson is a nationally-known health educator and patient advocate in the field of asthma and allergies. After educating and coaching thousands of patients and family members, Christy has come to believe there is a critical piece missing in traditional health care. The health coaching Christy provides at Your Inner Sanctum offers this missing piece: the means to find your own way to healing and wellbeing.

In addition to health coaching, Christy is a certified Feng Shui consultant and Reiki practitioner.

Health Coaching
As a health coach, Christy’s passion and intuition helps others live a more mindful, healthy, and conscious life. Christy views you as a whole–possessing the inner resources you need to guide you on your path to healing. At Your Inner Sanctum, the coaching relationships Christy fosters are client-driven and non-judgmental. This atmosphere empowers you to find your way to greater peace, joy, and contentment—no matter your health or life circumstances. The health coaching at Your Inner Sanctum offers the missing piece: the "inner wisdom" to find your way to your own healing and well-being.

Feng Shui
As well as health coaching, Christy offers Feng Shui consulting for individuals, groups, and businesses. Through Feng Shui, Christy can help you arrange your home and workspace to promote energy and harmonious balance in your life and career.

Christy is a Reiki practitioner. This hands-on Japanese technique promotes healing through stress reduction and relaxation.